We hired a construction management company called RJR construction. If you want Integrity and Quality... these are these are the guys to get.RJR started on August 15, 2010 with the original plan to:

    • lift the existing house,
    • dig the basement,
    • build the new foundation and basement floor,
    • put the house back down and
    • finish the basement.
    • Done by January 2011. Sounds straight forward? Somewhat... The excavation took longer than expected (around 2 months) and
    • during the 1st week of the work, we also decided to re-do our existing kitchen

We are very happy we decided to re-do our upstairs kitchen!

Everything else went pretty much as expected. We moved back into the main floor of our house on February 1, 2011, the construction in the basement was finally completely finished in March 2011, with the exterior things like concrete, railing and front step finishing in April, 2011.

    • Take a look at the various PLANS we made before construction began.
    • I put a photo gallery together that documented the various stages of construction.